Each week during Repeat It Or Delete It Season Three, I’m featuring local/regional bands/musicians.

Please meet The Reptilians from Pocatello, Idaho.

The Reptilians, Reverbnation.com

Meet the Band Members listed on their ReverbNation profile:

Members: Viktor Wilt- Guitar/Vocals, Steve McMichael- Drums, Joey Labato- Guitar Lord, Stevie Sheiza- Bass

I spoke with Viktor during my interview and Viktor and the rest of the band members are "true metal."  I get that. They site sounding like Tool, Opeth, Pantera, and Mastodon.  Hard.

In addition to regularly performing throughout the northwest, The Reptilians are currently in the process of recording two new albums at The Aedicule Studio. They will be releasing their new single, “Britney Spears Sex Riot” in spring 2012 with the album “The Breakers” to soon follow.

Outside of The Reptilians, the members continue their efforts and contributions in Dr. Seuss is Dead, BoSoGa, and The Unread, as well as the ongoing operation of Spacnum Records, The Aedicule Studio, and the soon to be launched Spacnum Records Podcast, “JENKPOD”.

The cool thing about the Reptilians, which I also believe is very smart, is that they offer their music free of charge.  Download their music for FREE Here.

During my interview with Viktor from the Reptilians, he goes into detail about their new album and the band itself.  Check it out:

And here's their music.  This is The Reptilians with ""The Mentalist Part Three":

What’s that? You want more from The Reptilians? You can get it during Week Fourteen of Repeat It Or Delete It when they take on The Barking Owls on Wednesday, October 17th at 7PM (following the BSU Coach's Show at 6PM) and Saturday, October 20th at 6PM (following the BSU Football Game).