I watch a lot of HGTV and it seems like the state of Idaho does, too. Get this. Idaho has started flipping houses. Seriously.

SFGate reported that Idaho just sold 7 houses and pocketed over $17 million dollars and they have plans to flip 2 more. Who in Idaho is doing this? Answer: the Idaho Land Board which consists of Governor Otter and some other dudes. Sorry, no Tarek and Christina here.

Here's more that SFGate learned about what Idaho decided to do this.

The Land Board veered off into commercial real estate about a decade ago on the advice of financial planners but its members later faced fierce criticism that they were unfairly competing with private businesses. In May, the board adopted a new strategic reinvestment plan calling for using money from the sale of commercial real estate and residential cottage sites to buy resource-producing lands.

Picture this. Governor Otter appears on camera and says, "Are you ready to see your Fixer Upper?"

Since this is Idaho, you know it'll happen eventually.