It's a good thing when a state has all of its financial ducks in a row. A good economy normally translate into a better standard of living for the peeps who live there. Wallet Hub just announced the states with the best economies for 2016 and the #1 state is nearby, but it sure isn't Idaho.

Congratulations Utah on being #1. When it comes to financial stuff, you are in great shape. Idaho? Um, not so much.

Source: WalletHub

So, Idaho managed to drop in at #24. Wow, I am so proud. Granted, my wife only gives me an allowance of $5 per week because she knows how bad I am with money. So, I'm not in any position to criticize. But, #1 is right next door and we're #24? Oh, and Washington state is #2, so you'd think that money osmosis would trickle our way by default.