Today, while I was walking my dogs, a sweet, four-legged friend came up to greet us, followed by two young boys not too far behind who were eager to bring home their "new dog." This dog was like many others on the 4th of July who run away from home due to fireworks.

It's a common story, especially today. There are a tremendous amount of missing dogs being brought into the shelter. Just a few minutes ago, the shelter posted again on their Facebook:

We have already had lots of dogs go home to their families, but we are still getting new dogs in every hour. Please call us if you are missing your dog so that we can have a report on file.

Every year, the Twin Falls Animal Shelter, along with a host of local vets like Valley View Veterinary Clinic, remind us that the 4th of July is the number one time of year for pets to go missing.

If you have a missing pet, please contact the animal shelter as soon as possible.