Finding something strange on Twin Falls Craigslist is actually not unusual at all. But, even by that standard, I have stumbled across something that I can't explain there. There's a listing that may be proof that there's a vampire on Twin Falls Craigslist.

Here's the original listing with a link to the Twin Falls Craigslist share.

Twin Falls Craigslist

It's an innocent-looking listing for someone giving away mirror closet doors. But, my question is who's taking the picture? Let's look closer at the pic.

Twin Falls Craigslist

They are mirror closet doors, but there's no one being reflected in the mirror. Shudder. That brings us to my vampire theory. As the experts on Yahoo Answers will tell you, vampires cannot be seen in mirrors.

The blood-sucking people at The FW also back up the non-reflection of vampires in mirrors having something to do with mirrors reflecting body and soul and vampires are soulless.

Is there a vampire lurking on Twin Falls Craigslist? There's no request for blood type information or only picking up at night, but you never know.