There was a rather small earthquake today that would normally not be worth mentioning except for the fact that this happened in a very famous place. It occurred just to the south of Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park.

The quake was originally registered as a 3.0, but later downgraded to just a 2.9. Here is the exact location from the USGS.

  • 28.0 km (17.4 mi) S of Old Faithful Geyser, Wyoming
  • 91.0 km (56.5 mi) ENE of Rexburg, Idaho
  • 125.0 km (77.7 mi) NE of Ammon, Idaho
  • 130.0 km (80.8 mi) NE of Idaho Falls, Idaho
  • 282.0 km (175.2 mi) SSE of Helena, Montana

Considering the fact that Yellowstone is one of the more seismically active places in the world, an earthquake near here is not a shocker. In fact, the National Park Service has a portion of their website devoted solely to Yellowstone earthquakes, so there you go.