The USGS has reported that a somewhat strong series of earthquakes have been reported to the east of Salt Lake City today. The largest quake so far has registered a 4.0 according to initial reports.

If you're wondering exactly where these quakes were centered, here's the information from the USGS.

  • 41.0 km (25.5 mi) NNW of Duchesne, Utah
  • 89.0 km (55.3 mi) ENE of Springville, Utah
  • 90.0 km (55.9 mi) ENE of Provo, Utah
  • 90.0 km (55.9 mi) SSE of Evanston, Wyoming
  • 109.0 km (67.7 mi) ESE of Salt Lake City, Utah

Earthquakes in this region are not uncommon, but the 4.0 today was stronger than usual. While a quake of this magnitude would not be likely to cause any major damage, a much larger quake is possible.