Do you remember when Pringle's decided they would feature Idaho potatoes in their famous chips? It started in the mid-to-late 1980's and I've found some videos you gotta see.

I could ask why anyone would make chips not made from Idaho potatoes, but that's an issue for a different day. The fact that Pringle's decided to make a big deal out of their Idaho potato chips turned into hilarious 1980's retro fun.

The first commercial above features a family seated comfortably on a couch. If this video is to be believed, all Idaho potatoes have the potential for causing severe blunt force trauma based on the helmets they put on.

The second commercial is even better. Here's the scenario: a bunch of dudes and swimsuit models run down to the lake and try to throw big fistfuls of chips into the air only to be joined by a bear. Behold this 30 second bit of 1980's greatness.

All of this freakish 1980's Pringle's goodness makes me want to visit the Idaho Potato Museum to see the world's largest Pringle.