Lots of people have found some unbelievably nice couches on some of the many Idaho Craigslist pages. Some can even be had for the price of free. However, there are some couches you see there that you just know may be plotting to kill you. Here they are.

free dog hair included. Put it on your white trash porch.

Couch with stains of unknown origin

Kids stain things. That's not unusual. However, when the owner tells you that multiple attempts to clean it haven't worked, you know you have a couch that may try to smother you while you sleep.

Red couch or a white couch with blood on it

The description on this one is definitely my favorite. The owner says it best when he declares "free dog hair included. Put it on your white trash porch." It appears to be red - for some reason.

Sorry, but my laptop melted the armrest off

I appreciate the owner's effort to cover the place where the laptop melted the couch with duct tape. Not sure what would be worse. The melted couch part or the duct tape with the sharp edge that keeps jabbing you in the backside.

Remember that old car with the door that doesn't match the hood? Here's the couch equivalent.

There is one good thing about this couch. It has a recliner. That wraps up all the good things about this couch.

You can tell that this couch has completely given up.

This couch looks like I feel - slumped over and about to collapse. You know a couch is bad when the owner's cat doesn't even like it.

Is this a picture of a couch or a mugshot? You decide.

The good news is that this couch is in Salt Lake City. That means it will have to drive at least 3 hours to hunt you down.