It's no great revelation to any of us that have lived here for any length of time. But, Idaho has a rich history. That history has left in its wake some amazing buildings that remain a part of our amazing landscape. Idahoan Mike Ritchie captured one of those buildings - an abandoned church.

This church is located in Ovid, Idaho near Montpelier in the eastern part of our state.

This is one of those pictures that I notice something different about every time I look at it. There is obviously the texture of the building itself as you can only imagine the many souls that walked in and out of those doors during its lifespan. Other times, the storm clouds above catch my eye. Then, I can't help but focus on the stone path leading up to the front doors.

Mike has also shared the color version of this amazing pic.

Photo, courtesy of Mike Ritchie

Mike has captured some amazing parts of Idaho. If you have some time, check out his Facebook page for more incredible images.