This Airbnb on the north side of the Snake River Canyon might be a great spot for visiting family over the holidays.

I get that visiting family is most likely to stay with you when they come visit but sometimes we find ourselves with extra full houses and someone needs a place to stay.

Consider this Airbnb listing that has a view of the Snake River Canyon from the Jerome side. And at $65 a night, maybe you let the family stay at your place and you can make this your fortress of semi-solitude.

The owners, Michael and Nat say they are active and social but the downstairs area is private and they're only 15 minutes away from St. Luke's in Twin Falls.

And so far, they have a five star review.

Mike and Nat are some of the most hospitable people I've ever met! They opened up their entire home for us! Great tips from Mike about the town and outdoor activities. Highly recommend these guys! The view of the canyon is impeccable just several paces from the porch! - Mike Airbnb

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