I look at the free stuff on Twin Falls Craigslist often because if I don't, how will I ever find free campers? Today, my brain did a double-take when I spotted something I had never seen before.

It's a free circus wagon. At first, I thought maybe the cold medication I'm taking was causing me to hallucinate. No, it's real and it's free on Twin Falls Craigslist. I took a screenshot in case the person who posted it took it down because I figured no one would believe me.

Twin Falls Craigslist

I think my favorite part is their description about "a moment of poor judgment at an estate auction". We've all been there. How many leg lamps do we have in our basement from those kinds of sales?

All I can say is if you've ever wanted a circus wagon, you better act fast. I have a feeling this Craigslist user isn't clowning around - or maybe they are.