MSN just released a brand new list of the top 50 restaurants in the country. Only one Idaho restaurant made the list. Wanna take a wild guess who impressed the MSN people?

perfectly cooked steak and exquisite desserts

Give yourself a high five if you guessed Chandlers Steakhouse in Boise. Here's what MSN said about Chandlers.

A fine dining establishment in Boise that will serve you towers of tuna, duck, perfectly cooked steak and exquisite desserts to end your meal.

I'm not a big fan of tuna and am terrified of ducks. Please don't tell anyone about the duck fear. But, the perfectly cooked steak sounds awesome.

I have my own personal favorites in Idaho. I've never been to Chandlers, but I'll add them to my to-eat-at list. Do you agree with MSN or did they overlook your favorite restaurant?