If you've been searching for gluten free pizza crust that actually tastes good, you've got to try this pizza place in Hailey. 

If you're someone who is either allergic to wheat products or gluten sensitive, one of the first things you have to give up is good pizza.

Sure, most pizza places offer a gluten free alternative, but it's just not the same. If you've ever had it, you know what I'm talking about. Instead of being crispy and flakey, gluten free pizza crust is typically dense and chewy and it usually doesn't taste right.  And when the crust tastes like the lovechild between cardboard and a sponge, you might as well just give up pizza altogether.

But there might be hope. Last weekend, I was in the Hailey area and tried the gluten free crust at Wiseguy Pizza PIe in Hailey and it was nothing short of amazing.  For the first time since I ditched wheat three years ago, I was eating something that wasn't just "alright for gluten free" but pizza that could almost pass for the real deal. This crust was flaky and crispy and tasted like what you'd expect a great pizza crust to taste like.

Wiseguy Pizza Pie, Brad Weiser

Since I already knew that most pizza places outsource their gluten free crusts, I asked our server where they got it. She told me that they get their gf crust from Cloverstone Bakery in the Wood River Area. I immediately checked them out on Google and was disappointed to learn that they don't have a storefront... BUT they do sell their products to various markets and restaurants in Idaho. And from the looks of things, they're growing. If their other gluten free foods are even half as good as their pizza crust, it wouldn't surprise me if Cloverstone owned the gluten free niche across the entire Northwest by next Thursday.

The next time you're in the Sun Valley area, I recommend you drop by Wiseguy and try the gluten free pizza. I promise, you won't regret it.

Oh... And here's my obligatory disclaimer: As with all food allergies, you should speak to the restaurant about their food handling practices and possibilities of cross-contamination.