I agree with Idaho's Anthony Moffett on one thing. It's a good idea to carry bear spray if you're adventuring in the Idaho wilderness. However, the video he made about how to use it is unintentionally funny to me.

The bear spray tutorial begins with Anthony drawing a very unique bear picture on a rock. Not meaning to make fun of Anthony's artistic abilities, but it's a pretty silly looking bear. I couldn't do it better, but then again, I would normally choose to not draw bear pictures on rocks.

You have to wait until the 6:20 mark of the video before Anthony actually sprays the bear rock. Pure bear-on-a-rock comedy indeed.

One thing is certain - no rocks will be attacking Anthony Moffett any time soon.

All kidding aside, you need to get informed about bears before you venture off into the woods here in Idaho. The Idaho Trails Association has some great information about precautions and behaviors that you would be wise to know. They even have their own video about using bear spray and they did it without harming any rocks.