Being realistic is highly overrated. Here's a great example. No, I cannot afford to buy this home. And, even if I could, it wouldn't be possible to commute to Twin for my job. BUT, if we're not being realistic, this Stanley chateau might be the best thing since whatever the previous best thing was.

This is a 5-bed, 6 1/2 bath monstrous property that is lacking nothing. Want a view of the Sawtooth Mountains that dreams are made of? Check. What about a workshop where you could actually make stuff. Done. Need a gym where you could sculpt your abs to look like Michael Phelps? Yep, it's got that.

This estate is so stocked that it even has its own intercom system. Awesome.

The home is mammoth at over 11,000 square feet. Wonder what the utility bill for heating and cooling that would be? If you can afford the nearly $4 million dollar price tag, the electric bill is probably not an issue.

This listing agent, according to Zillow, is Bob Dittmer. My guess is that the current owners would like you to remove your shoes if you decide you want to tour this dreamboat of a property. The physical address is 300 Decker Lane in Stanley, if you'd like to go ahead and put it in your GPS.

I love dreaming about homes like this. No, it's not realistic. But, if you're gonna dream, make sure it includes a view of the Sawtooths like this one has.