Only In Your State just listed the 10 most dangerous places in Idaho. Two of those places are in Twin Falls. Which is the most dangerous place in Twin Falls? Here's a hint: it's not the Perrine Bridge.

Drum roll, please. The most dangerous place in Twin Falls according to statistics is Blue Lakes Boulevard. Only In Your State ranks it as the 2nd most dangerous location in all of Idaho.

According to the Idaho Transportation Department, over 35,000 cars per day travel down this main drag in Twin Falls -- a huge number for a non-urban city...multiple intersections with Blue Lakes have been named to the ITD's High Accident Locations report, including Blue Lakes/North College, Blue Lakes/Addison Ave., Blue Lakes/Falls Ave.

The Perrine Bridge didn't fare much better landing at #6 due to the number of accidents and suicides that have claimed lives over the years.