First, a disclaimer. I don't climb things that I don't have to climb. I am a big fan of keeping my feet firmly planted on the ground of planet Earth. But, I do appreciate the amazing views that climbers get when they brave the huge rocks around us. That's why I love watching videos like this one so I can see what it looks like from the top of Morning Glory Spire in the City of Rocks without having to do it myself.

The Mountain Project website has a great description of what this climb is like.

This spire sits SSE of Parking Lot Rock, and has 15 routes up it's 100 foot height. The climbs are on the NW to SW faces with some exception (unnamed chimney route).They range in difficulty from 5.8 to 5.12c, with unnamed chimney route (5.5) and Veal Cage (unknown former 5.12a due to a broken key hold) being the exceptions. Skyline, Strategic Defense, Power Tools, and Crack of Doom all are classics.

When I read that, I am convinced that I couldn't climb anything that's rated above a 1 or maybe a -1.

If you check out the seasonal chart on the Mountain Project website, you will notice that May through late September is the prime climbing season for this route. So, if you don't suffer from major vertigo like I do, I wish you the best if you attempt it. I'll be down here watching at ground level where I belong.