In Twin Falls, we love the Perrine Bridge. Duh. But, it's not like we're objective about it. It's our bridge, so yes the Perrine Bridge is awesome. Just for fun, I decided to see what people on TripAdvisor thought of it. Some of the reviews are hysterical and others kinda brutal. You also learn that pretty much nobody knows how to spell Evel Knievel. Here are some of my favorites.

1. I'm glad the bridge was there cause I drove over it

For me, the canyon is the attraction, not the bridge. Perhaps if I were an engineer I'd be more impressed. I'm glad the bridge is there because we drove over it a couple of times.

2. You didn't have to call us ugly

It is fun to see people jump from the bridge. It all get spoiled when you see a mall next to the bridge and a ugly trail along the canyon. It could be a great place but it got overgrown by the ugly Twin Falls.

3. If you have a GoPro on your head, you are required to jump off the bridge

If you see someone with a helmet and go pro on their head stop and watch because they are going to jump off!! Parachutists jump off this bridge, open their chute, and drift to the bottom. It makes your heart race to fun.

4. Can you please hurry up and take a picture cause I gotta go bad!

This doesn't have to take long, perhaps 15 minutes to linger for the views and take some pictures. Easy pull-outs on either side of the bridge. The north side pullouts are perhaps more obvious, but there's not much there, particularly no restrooms, as they have on the south side.

5. 911 doesn't mind all the phone calls

It's totally legal in Twin Falls Idaho for base jumpers to jump off the huge 1,500 feet long and 486 feet high Perrine Bridge above the Snake River. That's how it should be too!
and every time base jumpers are in town, there's unknowing drivers on the road, crossing the bridge who are calling 911 fearing that folks are jumping off the beautiful iron bridge. The emergency services really don't mind as its an attraction to Twin Falls and they get informed in advance.

There's a viewing platform near the bridge as well as a canyon rim footpath providing a lovely walk to view the splendor of the Iron bridge as well as take in the golf courses both sides of the Snake River running through the 500 foot high canyon.

A must see of Idaho, with lots of cool bars and restaurants in Twin Falls to make at least a full day of visiting Twin Falls.

6. Help, the earth is collapsing underneath me and the mermaid-looking woman won't save me

I was hoping to see base jumpers, but there were none. The view is nice but a little intimidating as you can literally stand on the edge, not that anyone would want to as you feel the entire piece of rock could collapse under your weight. There is a statue of a mermaid looking woman on the southeast part of the bridge (closest to the mall).

7. In this case, hurling is good and so are parachutes.

You can park near the bridge and get great views of it's impressive shape and build as it spans the Snake river. Don't be too alarmed if you notice someone hurling themselves off the top of the bridge, it's quite common around here. You'll be pleased to learn that they have payed for the privilege and are equipped with a parachute and have a landing area. Adds to the attraction though!

8. Can someone please bring me a big German flyswatter?

Ähnelt sehr der Brücke über den Douro in Porto.Im Stil Eiffels gebaut. Sehr schöne, überhängede Aussichtsplattform auf der Westseite. ACHTUNG...

Translated: Is very similar to the bridge over the Douro built in Porto.Im style Eiffel. Very nice observation deck on the west side. ATTENTION ! In September many, many black flies.

9. Base jumpers are nuts. Heck, everybody is a nut.

My wife and I had just left the brutal, primal Craters of The Moon National Monument and were driving to our next state through the desert when, out of nowhere, we were hundreds of feet in the air, looking down at the incredibly beautiful Snake River Canyon, with a couple of parachutes gracing the valley's vista below us. Wow!
The Perrine Bridge is the entry way to Twin Falls from the north. After we crossed the bridge, a quick right and you are at a very nice visitors' center. A quick walk to the canyon's rim and right under the bridge were a bunch of nuts, I mean BASE jumpers readying their equipment for their death defying acts. We stood there for a little while and about every 10 minutes or so another nut, I mean BASE jumper would fling themselves into the abyss. Geez!
If you look to the right (facing the canyon), a couple of miles away on the horizon, you can see the ramp where a super nut, I mean Evel Knievel, unsuccessfully launched his rocket motorcycle for an attempt to jump the canyon.
The canyon with the Snake River cascading down below is awe inspiring. If you ever find yourself traveling through the beautiful state of Idaho, a stop at Perrine Bridge is a must, especially if the nuts, I mean, the BASE jumpers are doing their thing!

10. Be careful, there are snakes out there!

Easy drive for those afraid of heights, bridges & Traffic flow easy, access on & off no problem.