Black Friday discount hunters will love these Top 10 secret Black Friday deals.
  1. Finder Service At Walmart, Only $89.95.  Having trouble finding something?  Not sure which cable you need for that new Smart TV?  No problem!  Wal-Mart employees are making themselves available for customer questions for the first time in history.
  2. 55” Smart LED Broom Extension at Shopko, $19.99.  This “As Seen On TV” sensation clips onto nearly any angled broom.  Built-in LED’s allow for nighttime and emergency blackout cleaning.  Dustpan included on Black Friday only; broom sold separately.
  3. 70% off apparel at Best Buy.  See the endcap behind the cassette tape aisle, and customers can enjoy deep discounts on all blue polo shirts and khaki slacks.
  4. Additional 5mb limit on all Gmail attachments.
  5. $75 off Apple Eye Pads.  These bedtime application pads made with Granny Smith’s special extract are excellent for soothing irritated, itchy eyes and eyelids.
  6. Beats Marshmallow Peeps By Dre, $19.95.  Following Beats Chalkboard Paint by Dre, and Beats Spiral Notebooks by Dre, these discounted, sugar-coated treats are the perfect follow-up to your Christmas turkey.
  7. Martha Stewart Collection Water Pipes, $29.99.  This elegant device features rich, challenging fuchsias blended with tremendously daring cerulean blues.  Available in 46 states.
  8. FREE 28.8k Modulator-Demodulator with any two-year contract with Verizon.
  9. Earn $9.99 profit (mail in rebate) when you adopt a Barbie Rescue Showdog from PetSmart.  This holiday season, many people don’t realize that literally thousands of Barbanimals by Mattel sit on the shelves for months, even years at a time.  That’s why PetSmart has decided to offer a manufacturer’s rebate to customers willing to help these lovable pets keep warm in any sized Dreamhouse.
  10. 20% off GoPro HD Chewable Vitamins.  Also available with extension and panoramic lenses.