Guys. I think we are all trying way to hard to be manly. A new survey out of England (which may explain why the manliness level is so low...discuss) found that the top things a man should know are all things you could teach a monkey.

You see most of us think that being manly means having muscles, denim shirts, the ability to build a car, and chop down trees. Not according to this study. To be a real man here are the things you need to know.

  1. His wedding anniversary.
  2. Basic do-it-yourself tasks.
  3. How to change a light bulb.
  4. How to tie a tie.
  5. How to read a map.

Also lower in the list is probably the most important thing to know and that is that when a woman says 'do what you want' you do not under any circumstance do what you want.