Almost all of us at some point in our lives have either wanted to lose weight or stop smoking or both. Have you ever figured out what would or could happen if you actually did it? Here are 5 things I've come up with that you could do if you really made a commitment to stop smoking and/or lose weight.

5. Go hiking in the South Hills

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There have been studies done by people way smarter than me - meaning everyone - that smoking can greatly reduce the ability for your chest wall and lungs to expand and take in air. That means even younger people that smoke will greatly reduce their ability to do fun outdoor things like hiking. The good news is those reports also indicate that you can easily recover chest wall and lung expansion in a very short time if you stop smoking.

4. Buy new clothes

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This is one of the benefits of losing weight AND stopping smoking. If you spend less money on food and don't have the cost of cigarettes, you will have more money to go by those new clothes that you've never been able to fit into before. There is even a school of thought that you should buy new clothes while you're losing weight.

3. Buy a new car

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There's some simple math at work here. If you smoke 2 packs of cigarettes a day, you'll spend around $5,000 per year. That means in 2 years, you could be sitting behind the wheel of a really decent car for that money. Oh, and your insurance for that car will cost less, too!

2. Pay way less for your insurance

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Losing weight and/or giving up smoking can save you big on insurance. There are significant non-smoking discounts for car and life insurance. Think about it. Just about every type of insurance policy will involve the question of whether or not you smoke. That's not an accident. No insurance pun intended.

1. Be a millionaire

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Yes, you could be a millionaire. According to Time, in a lifetime you could spend as much as 1 or even 2 million dollars on smoking. Sound crazy? Do the math and you begin to realize that even if your use doesn't add up to a million, it is a huge chunk that could be better spent on more enjoyable things in life.

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