There's no denying that Pokemon Go has become a phenomenon in the Magic Valley. If you've seen the number of people on their phone in the park in Twin, you know what I'm talking about. However, there is also no denying people like me that enjoy messing with people. Excuse me while I proceed with evil laughter as I have fun with the masses.

Full disclosure: If you love this game, good for you. Enjoy. But, I reserve the right to ridicule things I don't understand. That is my attempt to explain what you're about to read.

Oh, and let's pretend that the app does not steal nearly all of your personal information stored in Google. This is about fun, not about protecting your family and your privacy.

5. Drive down Blue Lakes Boulevard just after 5 pm and drop Pokemon "lures" every time I stop at a traffic signal.

It's a well-documented fact that Pokemon Go players will do just about anything to get rare Pokemon. The best way to get rare Pokemon is with the lure modules. You think Blue Lakes is a lot of fun during the drive home? Just wait until I'm done dropping a half-dozen lures all the way from Addison to Pole Line.

4. Put Pokemon Diamond stickers on the lens of the viewfinder overlooking Shoshone Falls

The beauty of this is you would have people looking at Shoshone Falls immediately grabbing their phones to figure out why the Pokemon in the viewfinder isn't showing up in the app. Laughter ensues.

3. Rename our WiFi network "Pokemon Squirtle" and videotape the chaos

We have a pretty good size lawn surrounding our work. It's a good thing because the number of people that would wander onto our property trying to connect to "Pokemon Squirtle"" would be hilarious. This one might be worth bringing a picnic basket to work so I can sit on the roof and listen to all the grumbling of Pokemon Go people trying to guess our password.

2. Put a super-rare Pokemon Spinda costume on a drone and fly it over the stinkiest dairy farm we can find around Hagerman.

The joy of watching multitudes of Pokemon Go players trying to take of picture of "Spinda" with their phones while also trying to endure the special aroma that only one of our Magic Valley dairy farms can provide would be too good to pass up.

1. Convince one of our BASE jumping friends to drop Pokemon lures all the way down to the Snake River after leaping off the Perrine.

Imagine some of the rarest Pokemon ending up somewhere between the Perrine Bridge and the Snake River below. Wonder if any people would try dropping their phones off the bridge in hopes of catching a rare one? I have no idea, but the possibilities are endless.