I'm not bragging about something like this, and maybe I shouldn't even bring it up, but I've been pulled over 22 times since I moved to Twin Falls. Only 2 of those times resulted in me getting a ticket - the rest were for really random stuff, mistaken identities, and other reasons that come with having an old car that may not work right all the time. Funny stories for another time.

I can proudly say though, that I have never been pulled over for speeding through a speed trap.

Idaho Speed Traps/cheapcarinsurance.net

That doesn't mean they don't exist. Even though you would expect someone with a record like mine to have ran through one or two - but I am a law abiding citizen, so I haven't. There are speed traps out there and according to the CheapCarInsurance website, Twin Falls is actually one of the top 7 cities in Idaho for people getting busted in speed traps. Yeah, there is actually a way to post where the speed traps are in an effort to warn other speedsters to avoid or slow down in certain areas.

As I am writing this our secretary just walked by my desk and said 'they aren't speed traps if you aren't speeding.' Touche. Obey the speed limit signs and you won't have to worry about any speed traps that may be out there.