Idaho can be a very interesting place for a tourist to visit. We have so many things to see. Canyons, bridges, BASE jumpers and occasionally, cows.

This video was captured by a traveler just a few days ago. They pulled up alongside a rancher doing what ranchers do. Here's how they described the experience:

Just outside of Boise are large ranches with cowboys, cowgirls and cattle galore!

That's not the funny part. The lady felt the need to roll the window down and talk to the cowboys and cowgirls (and cows) like they are entertainers.

FYI - about halfway through the video is a great display of the Idaho cow digestive system at work. It's easy to see since it appears these folks did a slow-motion video of the event.

Based on other videos on their channel, it appears that they traveled through Utah and eventually made it to the Spirit of Boise balloon festival. I recommend checking them all out as they are very funny people.

For future tourist visits, it's highly recommended that you check out the Idaho Cattle Association website so the view of herding cattle does not shock you.