You may remember a couple months ago when we shared TripAdvisor's list of the top 20 restaurants in Twin Falls. That list was just updated this week and there are a few changes. The first list was pretty controversial. Do you agree with this one?

For reference, this was the previous top 20:

Here's the new 2016 list.

  1. Elevation 486
  2. Jaker's
  3. La Fiesta Mexican Restaurant
  4. Buffalo Cafe
  5. Canyon Crest
  6. Idaho Joe's
  7. Guppie's Hot Rod Grille
  8. Prasai's Thai 2 Go
  9. Carino's Italian
  10. Chick-fil-A
  11. Twin Falls Sandwich Company
  12. Shari's
  13. Culver's
  14. Norm's Cafe
  15. Sushi Ya
  16. Cafe Rio
  17. Garden Grille & Bar
  18. Slice Pizza
  19. Anchor Bistro and Bar
  20. Rock Creek

Here's a summary of what's changed from the last list. Chick-fil-A jumped Twin Falls Sandwich Company moving into the #10 slot. Norm's Cafe jumped Sushi Ya to move into the #14 ranking. Cafe Rio jumped up big time to #16. Garden Grille & Bar moved up to #17 from #19 in the previous list. Anchor Bistro and Bar dropped a couple places and Rock Creek entered the top 20.

Is this list better or do you still disagree with how TripAdvisor ranks Twin Falls restaurants?