TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT)-On Monday the Twin Falls City Council approved the Everbridge Mass Communications System. It's a system that will allow for the residents of Twin Falls to be informed of any significant emergency.

This system has been used by hundreds of local governments, as well as, Federal, State, and County Agencies. One of the functions the EMCS has is a cell tower over ride, which is how Twin Falls P.D. will be able to send alert messages straight to your cell phone. All though city spokesman, Josh Palmer, would like for all residents to sign up for the EMCS, there is a specific demographic they are looking to attract.

"What we want to do is reach maybe those people who don't have a computer, or those people who, for one reason or another cannot make it to city hall to sign in,” Palmer said. Within the next couple of months, citizens will see an education program on the alert system. Palmer says that this is a critical element, as they will need residents to opt into the system, so that they can be contacted via cell phone.