Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) - Before a group of residents and Twin Falls City leaders Friday morning, officials from First Federal Bank announced plans for the “First Federal Bank Park” at the Sunway Soccer Complex. The new park will be designed with full accessibility for the handicapped. 

Bank leaders say that on behalf of the employees of First Federal and the banks Board of Directors, they are gifting the park because of the area residents past 100 years of loyalty and support. Designers want the park to create a new attraction and destination point for the Magic Valley.

In a news release issued by the bank, they say there are two main reasons why this park is so special and unique. The first component is that the park will have a splash pad that will span 3,000 sq. ft. with above and below ground water features.

The second component that really sets this apart from anything else in the area is that the playground will be universally accessible. A universally accessible playground is a playground specifically created and designed to be accessible to all children including those with disabilities. First Federal Bank Park will address the need for ramp access onto playground features, play panels at ground level, modified swings and surfacing that provides ease of access for all mobility assistance devices. Because disabilities go beyond physical limitations, this design will also meet the needs of children with mobility, sensory and cognitive impairments.

This will be the first universally accessible playground and splash park in the Magic Valley. First Federal Bank Park will be a location where all children and their families can go and play. Play is universal, and this park will allow kids of all abilities to play alongside each other and experience that joy. The need for a universally accessible park doesn’t extend just to children, parents and grandparents that may have mobility challenges will now have the opportunity to experience the joy of taking the kids that they love to the park to play and laugh.