Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) Cinema West has announced it will not be operating the Motor Vu drive in this summer.

A pipe burst in the concession stand over the winter, and went unnoticed for several months. Due to the cost of repairs, along with the difficulty of acquiring 35mm film, the decision was made to close the Motor Vu indefinitely. The Motor Vu drive in was built in 1947 and began operating in 1948. It has been a staple of summer entertainment in Twin Falls for over 65 years. The drive in shut down for a short time in May of last year when Interstate Amusement closed its doors in the Magic Valley.

One month later, Cinema West leased the drive in and continued operation through the end of September. The Motor Vu uses 35mm film projection and in the digital age, it is becoming harder to find new movies released on film. Plus the cost of converting to digital projectors is in the tens of thousands of dollars.