From Civil Rights for African Americans and LGBT people, to the Vietnam War, to musical groups forming that continue to influence musicians 50 years later, 1965 was a year that rocked the world.

Civil Rights

  • The Voting Rights Act became law, guaranteeing African Americans the right to vote
  • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. led the civil rights march in Alabama from Selma to Montgomery
  • Police violently confronted civil rights marchers in Alabama
  • Malcolm X assassinated
  • Watts riots broke out in Los Angeles, with 34 dead, over 1,000 injured, and over 4,000 arrested

Pop Culture & Music

  • The second pilot episode aired for Star Trek (The Original Series)
  • Pink Floyd formed
  • The Sound of Music released on film
  • Beatles second U.S. tour happened in late summer

World Events

  • President Lyndon B. Johnson in office as over 200,000 U.S. troops arrived in Vietnam by the year's end
  • Fidel Castro opened up emigration to the U.S.
  • Singapore becomes a sovereign nation

The list goes on, and those who graduated from Twin Falls High School undoubtedly remember this year very well. And 2015 marks their 50th class reunion.

They're celebrating with a full weekend of activities on July 24-26, including a picnic at Harmon Park, dinner, dancing, and brunches at the Turf Club in Twin Falls, and plenty of reminiscing and catching up with one another.

The public is invited, and those interested in more information may contact organizer Connie at 733-5078.