There is no city quite like Twin Falls. Really. Here's a tiny little fact that may or not impress you. I had to do some real digging to confirm it. I'm about 99.9% sure this is correct.

From what I can find, there is no other city in the world named Twin Falls. According to Wikipedia, there is only one Twin Falls city and one Twin Falls county and we're it.

In case you're wondering, there are many waterfalls named Twin Falls. In fact, there are 9 total.

Montana, Washington, South Carolina and Hawaii all have a Twin Falls waterfall. It wasn't listed, but I also found the one in the video near Teec Nos Pos, Arizona. There are also a couple in Canada and one in the Philippines and also in the northern territory of Australia.

If you're aware of another Twin Falls, let us know. Until then, I will gladly refer to us as the one and only.