The cost of college goes up every year, making it difficult for parents and students to cover the cost without some kind of loan. We checked to see how Twin Falls’ student debt compares to the rest of the country.

To come up with the numbers, WalletHub compared the median income of millennials and compared that with their average income.  And the results aren’t very encouraging.  When it comes down to it, entry level income isn’t enough to keep up with the rising costs of education.

Source: Wallethub

According to WalletHub, the Twin Fall is in the 55th percentile in student debt.  That’s not the worst but it’s not good either. It’s generally considered bad to have education debt that eats at more than 10 percent of your income.

It’s not all gloom and doom.  If you want to dig yourself out of a financial hole, just ask an old person.  They’ll tell you if you want to pay off your bills faster and one job isn’t cutting it, then get a second job.

There are lots of things you can do to make extra cash. It might suck to have to work two jobs but you'll get your debt paid off faster and you can focus on living life.