TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT)-The Twin falls County Sheriff’s Office’s K9 Drago, assisted Jerome County, as well as Idaho State Police in locating a wanted felon, and putting him behind bars. On Sunday afternoon, a Jerome County deputy patrolling in Hazelton, spotted a known wanted felon Jason ivy.

As the deputy began to pursue him, Ivey took off on foot into a field. While officials were searching for him there, they received word he'd stolen a vehicle in Hazelton. Shortly after, officials located Ivey and the vehicle. A high speed chase then ensued, reaching speeds up to 100 miles per hour. After about 12 miles, Ivey came to a stop and fled on foot again.

Officials say it took several hours, but Twin Falls County's K9 Drago, located Ivey around 6:15 Sunday evening, hiding in a ruralbushy area next to Wilson Lake. Ivey was wanted for the battery of an officer, eluding officers as well as grand theft.