This story breaks my heart. If you recall, on May 11th Shane Chamberlin lost his life in a car accident on Highway 46. This was devastating to the Chamberlin family. Shane's death left his loving wife, Karyn, raising their 6 children.

Stephanie Adams has set up a GoFundMe account in honor of Shane. All funds will be given to Karyn Chamberlin to help with family expenses and caring for the family. Friends and family of Karyn have seen Karyn's incredible strength in such a trying time. Karyn recently stated, " I know that this was not an accident. I know that God sees the big picture and knew this would be painful, so he lovingly laid the path for me and my family."

If you can help Karyn and her children, Makayla, Andrew, Emma, Owen, Avery and Myra, please visit the GoFundMe account.