Thanks in no small part to one particularly nasty lady, Twin Falls has landed on a very unwanted list. Only In Your State has named Twin Falls the most notorious Idaho city for serial killers.

She killed any man stupid enough to marry her and also several of her children.

Thank you so much, Lyda Southard ('aka Lady Bluebeard') for bringing us this terrible honor. If you're new to Twin and don't know Lyda's story, here's the Cliff Notes version. She killed any man stupid enough to marry her and also several of her children. Here's her kill list as found on her Wikipedia page:

Twin Falls chemist Earl Dooley, a relative of Lyda's first husband, began to study the deaths surrounding her. Along with a physician and another chemist, he soon discovered that Ed and Bob Dooley were murdered by arsenic poisoning. Twin Falls County Prosecutor Frank Stephan began investigation and began exhuming the bodies of three of Lyda’s husbands, Lyda’s 3-year-old daughter, and Lyda’s brother-in-law. Stephan discovered that some of the bodies contained traces of arsenic, while others were suspected of arsenic poisoning by how well the bodies were preserved, and found her motive in the records of the Idaho State Life Insurance company of Boise. All 4 of Lyda's husbands had held a life insurance policy where they listed her as the beneficiary. Lyda was able to collect over $7,000 over the years from the deaths of her first three husbands.

It doesn't seem fair that Twin Falls gets called out just because we had one serial killer. I guess the fact that she is considered the first female serial killer adds to the infamy.

One thing is for sure. This might give you a pause the next time a woman in Twin Falls wants to bake a pie for you.