If the name Aimee Burnett is familiar to you, you probably know her from watching the nightly news on KMVT/Fox 14. Aimee Burnett-Hartwig has been chosen as a semi-finalist is this year's Extreme Huntress Contest. She is one of 20 people in the world that have been selected to participate.I've spoken to many people who claim to be avid hunters. After reading her blog at cosmopolitanhuntress.com, there's no doubt... Aimee is the real deal and she deserves a chance to represent Idaho at this competition.

In order to qualify for the next round, Aimee needs your vote. If she makes it through the voting process, she'll travel to Texas and take part in the next phase of the competition.

Let's send a deserving Magic Valley celebrity to the Extreme Huntress Contest. Just go to the Extreme Huntress Voting Page and cast your vote for Aimee Burnett-Hartwig