The Twin Falls Police Department needs your help in returning stolen items to their rightful owners. Are any of the items pictured yours or belong to someone you know? If so, they need to hear from you now. 

Here are details from the Twin Falls Police Department's website.

The Twin Falls Police Department served a warrant on Thursday, Jan. 21 for a residence that was suspected to be manufacturing, selling, and using controlled substances while children were present. Upon further investigation, police discovered numerous stolen items that was believed to exceed $20,000 in value.

Gerami Secord, 36, of Twin Falls, was arrested on multiple charges and is being housed in the Twin Falls County Jail. Twin Falls detectives are hoping to return the stolen items that were recovered from the Secord residence to their appropriate owners.

Items ranged from antique silverware and collectibles to construction equipment and air guns. Many of the tool sets appeared be in specialized fields such as electrical, painting, and possibly asbestos or lead removal.

Twin Falls detectives have so far been able to return about half of the stolen items to the original owners, but they are seeking the public’s help in returning the other items to their owners. Anyone who may have recently been the victim of a home burglary, vehicle burglary, or job-site burglary in recent weeks are encouraged to contact the Twin Falls Police Department. Please contact Detective Ken Rivers at 208-735-7211.