Twin Falls, Idaho (KMVT-TV/KSVT-TV) - Twin Falls Police are investigating multiple reports from vehicle owners and a homeowner that their windows were shot out.

Josh Palmer with the city of Twin Falls said the latest round of incidents happen late Saturday night. By early Sunday morning the reports were being filed. At this time it appears that someone armed with a B.B. or Pellet gun shattered windows in the southern portion of Twin Falls. The calls were being filed by residents between South Park and Pheasant Road.

In all 12 calls reported damaged vehicle windows in addition to one homeowner who discovered a broken window on their house. Nothing was stolen but police report there was significant damage to windows.

If you spotted anything out of the normal in the area, you are asked to contact police at 735-HELP. Over the past six months, it’s estimated that about 30 vehicle windows have been damaged.