As Twin Falls continues to deal with Flash Floods and nearly three inches of rain, the Twin Falls Police have updated road closures, and the status of emergency flood conditions around the city.

All canyon trails are closed at this time. Several roadways remain closed including:

  • Eastland Drive South, south of Kimberly Road
  • The intersection of Eastland and Orchard
  • Cheney Drive between Washington Street North and Wendell Street
  • Pole Line Road West, eastbound traffic West of Washington Street North

Other areas experiencing problem flooding are Heyburn Avenue East, the intersection at Shoshone Avenue and Washington Street, and Pole Line Road East. Do not drive through areas that are flooded. The city is barricading the roads most severely affected.

Residents to report localized flooding of roadways or other issues due to the water through either 3-1-1 or 9-1-1.

The City of Twin Falls reports that there have been a few reports of homes experiencing flooding. If your home has flooded due to a sewer back-up, you should not remain in the home. The American Red Cross is prepared to offer lodging in these situations and can be contacted at 1-800-853-2570 option 1.

Empty sand bags are available for use through the County Emergency Services. You will need to utilize your own resources to obtain sand or dirt and to fill the bags. Please contact Jackie Frey at 731-6835 to get your sandbags.

St. Luke’s Magic Valley Medical Center reports they are operating as normal at this time.

Twin Falls City management, law enforcement, and public works are diligently working to monitor the storm and its effect on the city’s infrastructure. At this time, the water and the waste water collection and treatment systems have not experienced any major problems. There is some localized flooding as a few collection lines have become plugged with debris from the storm, but the system as a whole is stable at this time.

The City of Twin Falls is asking residents to please keep children away from all waterways and standing water. Ditch banks can be extremely fragile as they are soaked with this additional water and may easily give way.

Twin Falls has received nearly three inches of rain at this time with forecasts for another two to four inches in the next twelve hours. We will continue to offer updates as the storm progresses.