TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT)-The Twin Falls School District is one step closer to making three new schools become a reality. Yesterday, TFSD sold eight parcels of land for a total of $3,318,636.29.

This number meets the estimate built into the budget projection for the cost of building the new schools. TFSD Director of Operations, Brady Dickinson discusses the impact of such a sale, "Back when we were setting the budget and going forward with trying to pass a bond to build new schools, we anticipated that we were going to be selling some land and so this was a part of the budget that we needed to resolve.

Since it was actually factored into the bond budget, this was money that was projected to be spent on these schools so the fact that we were able to sell the land, more importantly sell it at amounts that met our budget, was really an important part to building these new schools." Rock Creek Elementary will be the first of the new schools to break ground on May 26th.