It's a sad reality in Twin Falls that there is an increasing need for food among our senior citizens. The Twin Falls Senior Center works to meet those needs, but changes in federal funding has now made that even more of a challenge.

Jeanette Roe, the Financial Director for the Twin Falls Senior Center, explains how the need in our area has grown.

"Last year, we served 60,103 meals to seniors either home-bound or at the Senior Center. This year, if we continue on the track we're doing, we'll be over 72,000 meals. So, we're having another increase. Basically, the last two years we've increased the number of services by about 30 percent, which is just unbelievable in itself".

Jeanette goes on to explain how the federal budget has now changed their funding.

"The federal funding has basically been passed, but we passed it as of April 18. But, it's now been sequestered and there's another 20 percent on top of that. So, funds are getting cut, but the demand for services is rising."

For more information on how you can help as a business or individual, you can get more information on the Twin Falls Senior Center website.

If you are a senior that finds yourself in need, call the Center at 734-5084.