This week the Twin Falls Schools have been celebrating their Red Ribbon week. A week where they learn about the dangers of drug use and dress up crazy each day to represent an aspect of resisting drugs. The craziest part though, is that the person who designates what to wear each day seems like they are probably on drugs. Don't get me wrong - I am against drug use and I am all for the kids dressing up and having fun at school. Red Ribbon week is just up at a new level of cray cray.

This lady sums it up perfectly.

For real. I actually asked my daughter last night why she dressed in crazy socks the other day and she didn't know! Luckily my older son was there to explain that you wear crazy socks to remember to stomp out drugs. Today they are all wearing red and I imagine that my youngest son thinks they are all just dressing up as red ninjas that fight drugs.

Do you think it is crazy all the things the kids do on Red Ribbon Week?