TWIN FALLS, Id. ( KMVT / KSVT ) Bill Kyle, of McDonald's in Twin Falls has revealed plans to build a brand new restaurant. In mid-February, plans call for the demolition of the location at the corner of Blue Lakes and Heyburn Avenue.

Bill said that particular store opened 43 years ago. January 4, 1973 to be exact and was the first Twin Falls McDonald's. When it was built, McDonalds wasn’t into the drive-thru or breakfast business.

“We have just outgrown the present structure “Kyle said. In 1988, the Kyle family purchased the lot north of the restaurant with the intention to expand when the opportunity was right. A year ago, the building that was on the property was removed. Kyle said he planned to build the new facility then, but was asked by McDonald's to hold off for a year.

“I honored that request” he said. Now the plan is to tear the present building down after removing all the equipment inside. The new facility will feature the restaurant along with storage all on one level.

The current building has a full basement. That will be going away, Kyle said. The new facility will also feature and expanded double drive through and an indoor play land. Customers will also be able to access the drive through from both Heyburn and Blue Lakes. If the weather allows, the hope is to open by Memorial Day Weekend.