GARDEN CITY, Idaho (KTVB) - The Ada County Sheriff's Office is investigating after an accidental shooting at a gun show at Expo Idaho on Saturday.

Deputies were called to Expo Idaho just after 8:20 a.m. A vendor setting up before the show says he was in the process of putting a plastic zip-tie on the trigger assembly of the bolt-action rifle when it suddenly fired. The bullet hit a 51-year-old man's cane before hitting the man in the leg and hitting a nearby 64-year-old man in the leg. That second man went to the hospital but returned hours later to finish up the gun show.

The 74-year-old man from Washington who accidentally fired the rifle fully cooperated with the investigation. At this time no charges or citations have been issued. In 2013, two people were injured in another accidental shooting at a gun show at Expo Idaho. The fair director says it was a different promoter and unrelated to this show. He also says the shootings are concerning and they are looking to see if there are ways to make the shows safer in the future