It's always nice to make a good list. You know the kind I'm talking about. Those that don't refer to us as "ghetto". One of our own Magic Valley towns has been called out in a good way as one of the best small Idaho communities.

You can thank Only In Your State if you live in Kimberly or Oakley, because they think you are a top 10 Idaho town. Why Kimberly? Here's what they had to say:

This welcoming, well-rounded community embodies everything that a small town should be. Families love the good schools and winning football team, while the charming Magic Valley town itself is picture perfect in every way.

What about Oakley? Here you go:

Oakley is a tiny town in southern Idaho that most people don't hear about often, but it's a charming one worth the mention! Surrounded on three sides by mountains. you'll find nothing but pleasant people and beautiful countryside here, with a colorful history of pioneering and settlement mixed in.

I can vouch for Kimberly. The folks I've run into from there definitely have been friendly. I've only driven through Oakley and the views are definitely to die for.