(we heard through showed the results from an interesting survey recently: "What State Has the Worst Drivers in America?"

The top three?

3. New York

2. Washington DC

1. Idaho!

To put this into perspective, we are more rude than members of Congress who drive.  CONGRESS.  The people whose approval ratings are consistently below cockroaches and head lice.

Yikes.  I knew we were bad (and I'm heartily including myself in this statement!), but I didn't know we were THAT bad.

When survey respondents were asked what makes them the most angry, here's what reports:

"When asked what makes them most mad about other drivers, people said:

  • Talking on a cellphone while driving – 47%
  • Tailgating – 37%
  • Not signaling turns – 35%
  • Weaving in and out of lanes – 28%
  • Driving too fast, like every road is a highway – 26%

Source: Respondents could choose more than one answer from 18 choices."

I mean, where are we learning how to drive?