I love it when we get to hear new music from bands that have lost members. It's like we get to go back in time for a moment and enjoy how it used to be. With this new Queen song, you will not be disappointed.

Next month, the ‘Queen on Air: The Complete BBC Sessions’ will be released. The sessions were recorded over 40 years ago and include Queen covering their own foot stomping song 'We Will Rock You'. There are a few great things about this song. Obviously, it is nice to hear Mercury singing and the complete change in the instruments is really amazing. Queen found a way to make a song about rocking, rock even more! It's also pretty crazy that with the new instrumentation it sounds like Twisted Sister doing a Queen cover.

It wouldn't be fair to ask if you like it better than the original since the original is so iconic, but do you like the new one enough to hear it on the radio in Idaho?