EVERYONE gets Photoshoped, except here, I wish someone would Photoshop me with abs, a tan, and about 20 pounds lighter. Anyways, wanna see the real Cindy Crawford?

Cindy Crawford is HOT and she's 48 years-old. OK, this is Cindy Crawford in a bikini with no touch ups.

I wish I looked that good now and I'm 30.

Photoshopping photos needs to go away. If we saw more photos like this, we'd be used to it. We'd think this was beautiful, because it is. She's 48!!! Come on!

I'm a big girl, I have a great support group, but when I repeatedly see photos of perfect women's bodies, it's a kick to the junk (figuratively speaking). While I'll survive, I can't help to think about teenage girls and how they are impacted by the perfect female image.