HAILEY, Idaho (News Release) – Work at several traffic signals in Hailey will be taking place over the coming weeks as part of a larger upgrade project and will improve overall safety and efficiency of the traffic system throughout the city.

Signals intersecting Idaho 75 at Countryside Boulevard, Fox Acres Road, Airport Way, Bullion Street and McKercher Boulevard will each see upgrades to the signal control panels. Work will begin with the Bullion Street signal followed by Airport Way. The other signals will follow as the schedule allows.

A major change drivers will see is the installation of Flashing Yellow Arrow turn signals at Countryside, Fox Acres, Airport Way and McKercher. These signals are becoming more common throughout Idaho and provide both a protected left turn with a solid green arrow followed by the flashing yellow arrow phase that allows drivers to proceed after yielding to oncoming traffic.

An additional improvement for pedestrian traffic will be added to the Airport Way intersection. Installation of a “leading pedestrian interval” in the software controlling the signal will provide extra time for pedestrians to cross Idaho 75 while holding vehicle traffic for an additional few seconds.

The request for pedestrian safety at the intersection, which has consistent pedestrian crossings throughout the day, has been requested by the city of Hailey and several local citizens.

Drivers are reminded to watch for short-term traffic control measures for the different operations, including shoulder and lane closures, four-way stop signs, and flagger-controlled intersections. Flaggers and stop signs will be used if signals need to be shut off or put into flash.

Balanced Rock Electric, of Twin Falls, is the contractor for the $540,694 project to work on 22 signals throughout the Magic and Wood River valleys. Work is expected to be complete this summer.

Signals in Buhl, Burley, Heyburn, Jerome, Ketchum, Paul and Rupert are also included in the upgrade project. The upgrades are focused on aging signals with obsolete technology or equipment and will improve the signals to current standards.

Source: Idaho Transportation Department