TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX)- A retired Utah man is the lucky winner of the Idaho Lotteries Wild Card game. The Idaho Lottery announced Armando Almodovar of Ogden Utah as the winner of $275,000 from last Wednesday's drawing. He purchased the ticket in Twin Falls. 

“I don’t play very often, just when I visit my family in Idaho,” said Almodovar.

“My daughter is a flight attendant, so that enables me to fly for free,” described Almodovar. “I’m able to travel a lot since I’m retired. I was actually planning on flying to Boise for a weekend trip, but since that flight was already full, I decided instead to fly to Twin Falls.”

Armando says he will split the winnings with his sone and daughter. He planst to give some of the winnings to his church and charities in Utah.